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edge: the most modular, extensible and open-source Firebase alternative

Backend on Kubernetes leveraging PostgreSQL ecosystem

edge is a Kubernetes operator that, among other tasks, manages and integrates a set of open-source tools for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Storage, API Gateway, GraphQL, Realtime, Search and more in enterprise-grade backend for web and mobile apps.


  • Existing CMSs are purpose-built and are unsuitable for custom use-cases.
  • Need for a Kubernetes-native BaaS on a stack of modular, open-source and reliable software.


  • Rapid MVPs that could effortlessly scale to millions of users
  • Lowcode, custom Content Management Systems (CMS), e.g. for e-commerce, forums, etc.
  • IoT (realtime): TimescaleDB + PostGIS + MQTT(WebSocket) + Kafka
  • AI/ML (search / recommendation): pgvector

edge Stack (100% open-source)

edge stack

ComponentTechnology UsedDescription
PlatformKubernetesProvides a container orchestration system ensuring no vendor lock-in.
DatabasesPostgreSQLThe world's most advanced open source database. CockroachDB will be supported too
Authn/Authz (IAM)ZITADEL + Postgres RLSOffers comprehensive authentication and authorization through ZITADEL, with additional support from PostgreSQL Row-Level Security.
REST APIPostgRESTREST API for any Postgres database
Object StorageMinIOOffers high-performance, Kubernetes-native object storage.
API GatewayIstio/Envoy + cert-managerManages, secures, and monitors traffic between microservices as well as from and to the Internet
GraphQLHasuraProvides a powerful GraphQL API layer over databases.
RealtimeLISTEN+NOTIFY, logical replication <<pipeline>> Kafka. MQTT(WebSocket)Facilitates real-time data processing and messaging through various technologies.
SearchpgvectorEnhances search capabilities using pgvector
ServerlessKnativeSupports building and deploying serverless applications and functions.
ObservePrometheus + Grafana + Grafana LokiProvides a robust monitoring, logging and alerting system.